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Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
(November 3, 1871)

Yaquina Bay LighthouseThe lighthouse on Yaquina Bay is another popular lighthouse to visit along the Oregon coast.  You wouldn't imagine this lighthouse was only in operation for three years, and was nearly torn down several times.  Nonetheless, it stood the test of time and now offers a terrific place for visitors to take a brief look into the past.

A number of people had wonderful expectations for Yaquina Bay and the Newport areaYaquina Bay Lighthouse As a result, this lighthouse was built to begin the expected migration of settlers into this fertile land.  The lighthouse was lit for the first time on November 3, 1871.  Both before and after the completion of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse people argued over where the lighthouse should have been built.  As a result, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse was built just two years later.  Then, just one year after that, on October 1, 1874, Yaquina Bay's light was extinguished.  Because of the short amount of time that this lighthouse was in operation, there are few stories to tell.  However, there is a short Yaquina Bay Lighthouse story written by Lischen M. Miller that details a sea captain's daughter who was never to be seen again after entering the abandoned Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

This story as well as the lighthouse's historical presence is what kept it alive through the years, as this house Yaquina Bay Lighthouse spent a number of decades in shambles.  It wasn't until 1974 that Yaquina Bay Lighthouse was fully restored by the Oregon State Park Group.   Today, visitors from all over visit this house.  It is one of the few that are open all year, and can be viewed from the inside.  Several of the rooms have memorabilia of Oregon's maritime past that are on loan from the Oregon Historical Society.   

Today you can visit the Yaquina Bay lighthouse by taking a right off Highway 101 on the north side of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  Yaquina Bay Lighthouse You will see the signs for Yaquina Bay State Park.  You will also notice that they offer a terrific little store located in the basement of the lighthouse.  This lighthouse is free to visit, but donations are appreciated.  If you are in the Newport area, make sure to visit this lighthouse as well as the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

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