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Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway Beach is a fun coastal vacation that is unlike many of the others on the Oregon Coast. The uncrowded and expansive beaches are a dream come true for kids with a mind for sandcastles, or couples that like long walks with beautiful scenery. The small shops, galleries and restaurants that line Highway 101 are fun to explore. Train tracks cut through the center of town giving this town a historical feel; and don't be surprised when the train makes its way through the city. Anyone finding the train as an irritation is missing out on part of what makes this town unique!

If you turn your attention to the Pacific Ocean you will see the Twin Rocks, which are another signature of the small city, and help set the stage for a perfect picture at sunset.

In the center of town is "The Little Red Caboose" which serves as a reminder to some of the history dating back to the early 1900's. Now the Caboose offers a place for the Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce. Hours at the chamber have been sporadic at times, but if you check the hours at the door, you will know when you can visit the caboose during your vacation.

One of the things we love the most about Rockaway Beach is the reasonable prices. You can find some nice Oceanfront accommodations for your family vacation at prices that are generally cheaper than many of the other coastalRockaway Beach OR cities. Reasons for these great rates include low room taxes and a large ratio of Oceanfront rooms to non-oceanfront rooms. Rockaway Beach is the perfect place to stay if you want that "beach" feel and are planning a fishing expedition. You will be within minutes of Garabaldi. You are also able to take a trip to Tillamook if you need to stop at a larger store or want to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Each year there are a number of fun events in Rockaway Beach. These include an annual Kite Festival, a Wine and Jazz Festival, Fireworks on the 4th of July, and an Arts and Crafts Fair in August. You can check the Calendar at NWcoast.com for Rockaway Beach if you want more details on these and other events.

Rockaway is a fun and affordable place to stay on the Oregon Coast with terrific people and service. Review Rockaway Beach’s lodging accommodations and plan your trip today!

Rockaway Beach Oregon

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