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Gold Beach Oregon

Gold Beach Oregon is a favorite destination for tourists of the Southern Oregon Coast. The Rogue River is prolific for it's Salmon, Steelhead, and raw natural beauty. This river is one of the main attractions to the Gold Beach area, and is enjoyed by all visitors. Many have heard of the Mail Boat Trips, a jet-boat tour that runs through the winding Rogue River canyon. This tour is a testament to the beauty of all that Oregon has to offer, and it all starts in Gold Beach.

One of the favorite lodging options in this city are camping and RV parks. This is due in large part to the river, but don't forget about the beach. Gold Beach offers some of the finest sandy beaches along the Southern Oregon Coast. There are about a dozen hotel options in this city, and some terrific restaurants as well.

One of the first things you will notice while entering Gold Beach is the Rogue River Bridge (Patterson Bridge). This bridge has been around since 1931, and is one of the signatures of the Gold Beach area. The view of the Rogue River from the bridge will tell you why this is such a special place.

Gold Beach is aptly named, as hordes of settlers invaded the town in the mid 1850's panning for the precious metal. The gold rush era soon transitioned into a fishing area as the rich Rogue River sported unprecedented runs Gold Beach ORof Salmon.

One of the favorite tourist spots is the small Port of Gold Beach, which is just south of the Rogue River Bridge. There are a few restaurants and gift shops along with charter services, and some activity centers for Kayak and funcycle rentals. You may also see the Mary D. Hume, a boat built in the 1800's that sunk in shallow waters, and is now a spectacle of the past.

There are a couple of museums worth visiting while in Gold Beach. These include Jerry's River Museum, and the Curry County Historical Museum. Both of these museums give a glimpse into the entertaining history of past years.

While in Gold Beach, also make sure to take in the view from some of the scenic viewpoints at Cape Sebastian. This is just 5-miles south of Gold Beach, and is well worth the drive. We recommend a camera for this stop, as pictures with the family are a must from this location.

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