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Brookings Oregon

Brookings Oregon is just six miles from the California border on the Oregon Coast. This city has a number of parks and attractions that include the Thomas Creek Bridge, Pistol River, Harris Beach State Recreation Area, Chetco River, Port of Brookings Harbor, and the Winchuck State Park and River. While exploring this city, you will still find the restaurants, galleries and gift shops that you are used to, however they seem a bit spread out through the Brookings area. The one exception to this is the Port of Brookings Harbor, which is a fun little area that also includes a stretch of beach, a public fishing dock and a marina with charter services.

Brookings is known for warm temperatures during the off-season on Oregon's Coast: Meteorologists call this the "Brookings Effect". Temperatures reaching into the seventies during mid-December are not all that uncommon. If you go to the record books you will see several mid to upper-seventies record highs in this region throughout the winter season. Maybe this mild climate is why the area has the nickname, "Home of Winter Flowers."

About 15 miles to the north of Brookings is Pistol River. This area has beautiful scenic landscape that is perfect for relaxation or exploration. The rock formations and Pacific Ocean beaches set the stage for scenic photographs. You may want to bring a good deal of film or the digital camera because south of Pistol river is the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. There are literally miles of rocky shoreline and gorgeous panoramic views Brookings ORthat could have you enchanted all day long, and walking back to the car after nightfall.

Closer to Brookings is the Harris Beach State Recreation Area. This stretch of shoreline is well known by frequent travelers to this area, but you will find it a bit more crowded than some of the other local beaches. There is a day-use park here that is situated next to the beach. The park has a number of picnic tables, as well as restroom facilities. This is a fun place to explore the beach and enjoy time with family.

Many people that visit this area also visit the old growth forests just over the border into California. As you make your way south, you may wish to stop by the Winchuck State Recreation Site, which is just a half-mile north of the state border. If you love fishing, stay a while and fish the Winchuck River, which sports Salmon and Steelhead during the spring and fall each year.

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