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Astoria Oregon

Even if you haven't been to Astoria, you may be more familiar with the city than you would guess. Astoria has been a favorite for some popular movies of the past. The list includes The Goonies, Short Circuit, Free Willy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Kindergarten Cop and more. So what is so special about Astoria?

The Astoria and Warrenton area has thick forests, the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean all converging to make a very unique location. This area is rich with history. It is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail, and is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. In fact, you can't go anywhere in this town without seeing numerous historic homes, buildings and museums.

When visiting Astoria, you will want to check out Fort Clatsop and Fort Stevens, the Astoria Column, Flavel House and the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

One of NWcoast.com's favorite spots in Oregon is the Astoria Column where you can literally see the shape of the earth. As you swing your head around for this panoramic shot of the Northwest you will see views of the river, town and forest - it is simply awe-inspiring.

Down by the waterfront there are numerous parks with viewing platforms. You will also see the Columbia River Maritime Museum on 17th and Marine Drive. This museum gives you a terrific glimpse into maritime past and offers a number of World War II exhibits.

South of Astoria is Fort Stevens State Park. This park is a favorite camping spot for those of us in the Northwest. How many places on this earth offer a lake, river, and the Pacific OceaAstoria ORn all within walking distance of one another. We recommend viewing the jetty at the far northwestern end of the park. Not only will you be sitting in on the Columbia River shaking hands with the Pacific Ocean, you will likely see a few fisherman along with a terrific shot of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse on the north side of the river.

The other thing you can't possibly miss when visiting Astoria is the Astoria-Megler Bridge, which takes you North to Washington. This bridge was created on August 27, 1699 and spans 4.1 miles across the Columbia River. When you cross this bridge make sure to go visit Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in person along with the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. You can also see North Head lighthouse just north of Cape Disappointment. For more details of these two locations, visit funbeach.com. If you would like to find out more about Astoria, visit oldoregon.com.

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